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Roman Religio

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The Roman Religio is the practice of the belief system focused on the indigenous land of the ancient Romans.
 It began as local religion and later became a state religion. The Religio Romana involves a set of beliefs and practices of divine honor ancestral spirits through prayers and actions required in order to curry favor and peace with the gods (pax deorum.)
 The ancient Romans believed that the deities (spirits) are ubiquitous and influenced every aspect of daily life, so that attention to the worship was of great importance for a successful and happy life. These deities were regarded as divine manifestations, and affected life on earth and in heaven, and emanated from the aspects of nature and human characteristics.

 In Rome, very early, all religious rites were conducted at home. The parent or head of household, presided over the rites in a lararium (altar), near the hearth fire to meet the daily needs of the family.
 Critical needs, including time beneficial to the health and welfare of family members and bumper crops. As the needs of the family grew to include the needs of the community and state, a hierarchy of priests was established to oversee the calendar of festivals and religious holidays that the ancient Romans.
State priests would conduct public rites to maintain good relations with the gods at the state level.
 These include the absence of sacred texts and the lack of dogma which provides considerable freedom in our spiritual journey and communion with the gods. The Romans believed that rituals be conducted properly and that the gods are not blasphemous, the individual is encouraged to explore and form a bond with the deities suitable for your specific needs and wants. You could follow other faiths by the Religio Romana without jeopardizing their relationship with the Roman deities.

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